Dubai Latest Jobs in 2023

By | September 10, 2023

United Arab Emirates are one of the most prosperous regions in the world. They play an increasingly important role both for international tourism and trade. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have built some of the highest-rise buildings, hotels and brands known around the globe. These structures and brands contributed significantly to the growth of the UAE. Dubai attracts visitors who want to find work in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is without a doubt one of the Middle East’s most popular job markets. You will also need to consider a variety of other factors such as networking, stability in the job, and benefits. Dubai Jobs For 2023.

Dubai Latest Jobs in 2023

To get a job at the UAE, you must work in the Middle East’s commercial hub. If you are preparing for UAE jobs, walk-in interview, or new job opportunities, it is important to know some basic advice.

What types of job opportunities are available in UAE?

The field of work and career opportunities available will determine the choice of job as well as the salary scale.

  • Admin jobsAccounting jobs
  • Financial jobs
  • IT jobs
  • Procurement jobs
  • Marketing jobs
  • Teachers jobs
  • Sales jobs
  • Management jobs
  • Part Time jobs

Oil and Finance Jobs

The UAE is home to some of the most sought-after occupations outside the oil and financial sectors, including in information technology, retail, consumer products, and the consumer goods sector. Although English is preferred for the business world, knowing Arabic can help with your job hunt because many sectors still use Arabic in formal correspondence.

Online job seekers in UAE should expect to work an average 8-hour day. Most businesses take Saturday off as well, so the week is 48 hours from Sunday through Thursday. Ramadan is a time when working hours can be reduced.

 In the UAE there are 7 official holidays, which include a five-day combined Eid Ul-Fitr/Eid Ul-Adha holiday.

The industries that have the most job openings are: sales, real estate and hospitality, as well as education, oil, gas, petrochemicals. fishing, ship repair, financial services, tourism, finance and retail.


The job summary of this position includes ensuring that all logistical tasks are carried out efficiently. To assist the organization in achieving its monthly and annual goals by providing logistical support.

Important Responsibilities

Use the Salik tag to track the mileage on the demonstrator car. Be sure to protect your motorcycles and automobiles from damage. coordinating vehicle delivery Examining the condition of every delivery received. Maintaining display vehicles by using things such as gasoline and cleaning. Report any incidents to your supervisor.

Attend Toolbox Talks or safety awareness sessions provided by your business.

Qualifications, experience & skills:

The ability to communicate with others in a skillful and patient manner.

Has excellent initiative, and completes all tasks quickly.

Drivers’ license classes 3 to 5

English language proficiency

The least Experienced

Experience driving in the UAE for two to three years.

With a little help from you, you can ensure a 5-star experience for all candidates.

Electrician Jobs Dubai UAE

Description of the Job

BEB currently has an opening for a skilled electrician in the United Arab Emirates to help support its specialty construction activities. Most of these projects are focused on the following: structural reinforced concrete (SRC), carbon fiber, strengthening and post-tensioning of buildings, concrete repair, waterproofing and cathodic protective coatings in industrial and commercial markets. Today, join us to build stronger and more durable structures.


Your duties as an electrician will include:

Submitting the correct material request according to the criteria of the job

Repairing isolating faults to ensure safe removal and replacement as well as upgrading or replacing damaged electrical equipment and wiring.

During pre-planning, the team should work with the operation to determine the required power for the equipment and tools.

Electrical systems, equipment, and wiring are tested using tools such as voltmeters and oscilloscopes to ensure system safety and compatibility.

The ability to replace or repair wiring, power tools, and equipment; a solid knowledge of ELCBs, cable wires, and other electrical components.

License Electrician With Degree Or Diploma And Wiring Certification

Electrical work on construction sites requires a good understanding and expertise in electrical issues.

Ability to manage the load distribution and tools and equipment according to job requirements, and power sources available. Main DB connection from LV Room. Distribute the load of tools and equipment to the SMDB.

Apply Online

Ability to physically maintain, repair, and install electrical equipment and fixtures using ladders or scaffolds.


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