Top 5 Requested Features for WhatsApp are Coming Soon

By | September 21, 2022

Top 5 Requested Features for WhatsApp: There are several forthcoming features that WhatsApp is working on. Although we have already covered them, we have included some of the most noteworthy features that you may have missed in this post.

The list contains both significant and less significant forthcoming WhatsApp functions, all of which should enhance ease and quality of life.

Top 5 Requested Features for WhatsApp are Coming Soon

Top 5 Requested Features for WhatsApp

1. Food shopping

In India, WhatsApp just added grocery delivery. Through this facility, payments may also be made.

The first-ever grocery shopping feature on WhatsApp
Currently, it is only accessible in India, but given that WhatsApp is investigating similar capabilities in other nations, Pakistan may eventually get access to them as well. Since WhatsApp is already available in India, there is a good chance that it will also be made available here. This is especially likely given that we have many online grocery retailers. However, there are no indications in the beta versions of WhatsApp, and the company has not confirmed it for other countries either.

2. Self-Talk

You may save critical texts, links, media, or other objects for easy access by sending messages to yourself in Telegram, Slack, and other chat apps. WhatsApp is now developing the functionality for a future version after 84 years. With this, you’ll be able to message yourself from connected devices in addition to your primary smartphone. It is only accessible in WhatsApp’s beta version, and it is unknown when it will be add to the stable version.

3. Privacy for Screenshots

Maintaining privacy is the sole goal of WhatsApp’s “see once” communications. But if these communications can be quickly capture in screenshots and sent to others, there is little use in sending them. Because of this, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently said that WhatsApp would soon safeguard your view once communications from screenshots and other types of sharing.


However, no launch date is yet in sight.

4. Call Timer

Contrary to traditional mobile phone calls, calls made using the app instantaneously connect to the other party, leaving no time for the caller to respond and hang up a mistaken call.

The WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo developed a concept feature to solve this problem and stop such incidents. You three seconds prior to the call being place, as seen in the picture above. The functionality need to be optional, though, as it would annoy a lot of people.

This is not a tool that WhatsApp is currently developing; it is only a concept feature from WABetaInfo. However, idea features have occasionally made it into WhatsApp, so it wouldn’t be unexpect if it did so again.

5. Better Search

In a conversation, it might be difficult to search for particular messages. There are already many search filter options available in WhatsApp, but this functionality will soon be extend even more. In a future version, the app will allow you to search for messages by date or community.

It will be some time before this is accessible to everyone as it is only available in the WhatsApp beta for iOS.


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